Community Connect 

Community Connect is a new public safety program has been released in the Southwest Camden County Fire Protection District. This program allows you  to share life safety information about your home, family, pets, and more with Southwest Fire, so that if First Responders are ever dispatched to an emergency at your home, they have the most information as possible before arriving on scene.


Sharing information such as the below can be incredibly helpful for First Responders to know if they are dispatched to your home. Having this information inputted beforehand will allow them to customize their approach before they arrive on scene so they can best meet the specific needs of your home and family:

o   Occupant & Contact Info

o   Home Access/Details and Utilities

o   Medical & Functional Needs

o   Pets



Community Connect is a secure platform and the information you provide will only be used by the Southwest Fire at the time of dispatch for the purpose of better serving you during emergency situations.  All logins and passwords are protected with bank level encryption and security. If you’re comfortable logging into your online bank, you’ll be comfortable logging into Community Connect.